Founder & CEO

Apollo International was crafted from the figment of an imagination. It is the outcome of a long sought ambition. The journey of Apollo International began in a small room in Sydney with two. From a modest beginning to a global reach across 3 different countries employing over 50 professionals today, is what I take pride in. Our humble origins have taught us a lot and given us the opportunity to connect intimately with our clients, ensuring them the kind of service that we would want for ourselves.

We have, in a miraculously short period of time, become a leading global player in a very competitive market. It has taken strong dedication from the teams, years of strategic planning, and tremendous devotion to fulfilling customer requirements to come where we have come today.

It is one of the most important decisions in life to pursue education overseas. At Apollo International we make the entire procedure as seamless as possible through interactive counselling with expert advisors who possess in-depth knowledge about scholarship eligibility schemes, admission processes and visa procedures. We represent and work closely with some of the most reputed universities and institutes in the world. We provide solutions to international students from our headquarters in Australia and regional offices spanning across Bangladesh and Nepal with many more to come very soon.

My vision for Apollo International was, is and remains to be ranked as the top Education and Migration Service provider across the globe.


Director - Business Development

Quality Education and Lifestyle are essential to thrive in life and serve the society. I am delighted to welcome you all to Apollo International, and I am happy that you have picked us for tailored education and migration services. The preliminary judgments and processes of pursuing study overseas or migration are an arduous and sophisticated task for students, migrant applicants and their families. I take great pride in informing that, at Apollo International, we are keeping these steps and challenges as seamless as possible through interactive counseling with applicants, students, their guardians and connecting them with the most sought after providers in the industry.

Our team is comprised of committed professionals and our consultants possess in-depth knowledge in educational counseling, admissions, requirements, scholarship programs and visa procedures. Our headquarters are in Australia and our Regional offices are housed in Bangladesh & Nepal with many others following as we expand. Our International offices are connected 24/7 through state of the art tech in order to provide prompt services to International Students. You can reach out to us instantly with the tip of your fingers.

We take the concerns of our clients seriously and pay attention to their issues. I ensure that our team guides you thoroughly throughout every phase of the application process, advises you in selecting programs that match your context, readies your statement of purpose and guides you through your application and visa processes with finesse. We help you secure favorable conditions for special or complex circumstances to succeed you with immigration programs. In every aspect, we guarantee that you will receive as much care as possible in order to take you to the next phase of your chosen career plan.

We are pleased to be at your service and join forces with you to emerge into a brighter future together.


Director - Operations & Partner Engagement

At Apollo International, we believe that our business must connect with the lives of people meaningfully. We have been serving as a trusted education infrastructure partner around the globe for 5 years now. Today with nine destinations under the belt of Apollo International we have evolved as a multinational and diversified business entity. We have served over 11,000 students over the last 5 years.

Our strength comes from our commitment to serving International Students and giving shape to their future prospects. We believe in growing our business while making a positive impact in the lives of people everywhere we operate. Our operations span across, Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China & Fiji, creating a diverse workflow and multinational opportunities for our clients.

Some of the most demanding customers choose to work with us. Our students rely on us to deliver prompt and tailored solutions to their requirements. Our philosophy is to live up to our commitment to all of our clients and make a significant contribution to the communities & nations that we serve. We want to change peoples’ lives for the better by connecting them with opportunities and by creating a progressive, consumer focused environment that is driven by efficiency & productivity.


Country Director – Bangladesh

At Apollo International we strive to guide international students in the best possible path. We give every individual a treatment tailored to their needs, because we understand that everyone has different career goals and choice of destination. We design bespoke schemes and sophisticated solutions for our clients to ensure optimum satisfaction. The professionals at Apollo International are committed to guiding each of you across application & enrollment processes, scholarship programs, courses that fit your background, your statement of purpose and visa procedures.

Our purpose is to make a meaningful contribution in the lives of people through our services. I am overwhelmed to be a part of the fastest growing name in the Industry, thanks to it’s distinguishable and recognized service standards, we have been able to make a difference to the well-being of societies both at home and across seas. We seek to establish Apollo International as a brand name that exudes professionalism, discipline and perfectionism.

Our productivity reflects in our success and feedback from our clients. Our goal is to continue to constantly grow our organization and make achievements that will benefit the nation’s infrastructure, economy and employment. We envision ourselves to emerge into a chain of companies spanning nationwide that diversifies in all areas of business and will create new opportunities for the people of this country. You’re all welcome to be a part of our expedition.

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