Why Should You Study Social Work in Australia?

03 November

One of the professions with the fastest growth in Australia is social work. The necessity for social workers is critical now more than ever to address the concerns and boost the morale of those who are in charge of society due to population growth, migration, and societal challenges. In Australia, pursue a social work degree to start using the student’s compassion to change the world. Social work has compiled strong arguments that will support their choice.

Every day is unique.

Social professionals frequently spend more time outside of their desks due to the nature of their employment. Daily schedules frequently change to accommodate numerous urgent issues. Consider pursuing a social work course to prepare into the field if the students enjoy working with people and doing fieldwork.

Incredibly interactive

Being able to communicate successfully with the person, group, or community that is under his or her care is one of the most notable jobs of a social worker. Such dedication encourages a deeper understanding and realization than information sheets and data may be able to convey. Interaction leads to coordinated activities toward a single objective.

Several career paths

By successfully completing a social work course, the students will have solid theoretical knowledge and the chance to receive training in the various areas of the study. As their talents are probably transferable, they can decide whether to concentrate primarily on one field or to take other opportunities into consideration. There are many issues in every place that need social workers' assistance.


Efficient politician

The students have a strong respect for social justice and human rights as they ought to be applied to everyone because of their strong sympathy for the poor and socially outcast. In order to defend and benefit society, their policies are motivated by the same advocacy.

Ability to motivate

Australian social workers receive top-notch training, which helps them acquire the competencies required in the industry. One of the abilities the students will develop as a social work graduate is the capacity for motivation. By motivating an individual, a team, or a community, the change is reinforced and the cause is made sustainable.

Career path in social work

The student’s career prospects are excellent after graduating from college because there are many job opportunities both domestically and abroad. Social workers frequently seek careers in:

  • Government institutions
  • Organizations of Nations
  • Charity and non-governmental organizations
  • law offices
  • societal services
  • schools and colleges
  • Hospitals

Certification as a professional

Graduates from recognized programs can join the Australian Association of Social Workers and receive full accreditation (AASW). The AASW is the organization that represents social workers professionally in Australia and is in charge of promoting and governing the industry.

Australia's Social Work Degree and Courses

International students have the option of choosing from a variety of courses offered by recognized Australian colleges and organizations. Degrees and courses include, among others:

  • Degree in social work
  •  Master of Social Work course


from two to four years (full time).

Visa prerequisites

Here are some conditions that must be met in order to obtain a student visa. The students can also get in touch with our education counselors for a stress-free experience.

  • A passport that will remain valid while the students are studying in Australia
  • Offer letter from the chosen institution/university
  • IELTS score of 6.0 overall or a Pearson Test of English Academic PTE Academic score of 42 (no communicative skill score lower than 42). (no score below 5.5 in each of the component)
  • Indication of having enough money available
  • Proof of international students' health insurance
  • The list of other pertinent documents provided by the Department of Home Affairs.

Student visa for graduates.

A Temporary Graduate visa is available for graduates. Holders of a temporary graduate visa are permitted to study, reside, and work in Australia for a period of eighteen (18) to two (2) years following the completion of their education, depending on their qualifications. a chance to pick up valuable local work experience that could help with Permanent Residency.

The student’s PR routes

The Skilled Occupations List (SOL), which may be used for sponsorship and immigration reasons, constantly includes Social and Community Services employees due to the demand for their services in Australia.

Welfare Center Manager, Welfare Worker, Social Worker, and Community Worker are a few examples of these job titles.

Social Workers support foreign students in accomplishing their academic objectives. The greatest selections are given so that students can choose their school and courses with knowledge. When the students enroll with AECC Global, the social workers can also research the best scholarships that are out there and talk about their potential job options as a social worker.

Why is Australia the top choice for foreign students who want to study social work?

Australia is a popular choice for overseas students looking for a top-notch education. the location of numerous top colleges as listed in annual world university rankings. Why then do social work studies in Australia? Australia is one of the most progressive countries in the world, supporting social justice and human rights, and because there are a variety of employment options available, students find it appealing to pursue their social work education here. Additionally, social work programs are continuously improved and are supervised by the appropriate professional organizations to ensure their competitiveness and relevance.

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