Where to Get a Scholarship in Australia as an International Student?

03 November

To help students with their finances, Australia offers a variety of scholarships. Scholarships are provided by the Australian government, state governments, educational institutions, and numerous organizations, that also offer chances for students from other nations. These can include living expense reimbursement, monthly stipends, tuition price waivers, etc. The Australian government has allocated more than AUD300 million for international students’ scholarships.

Applying for one of the several scholarships, grants, or bursaries available to you will help you pay for your academic goals while studying in Australia. The Australian government provides them, together with educational institutions and a variety of other public and private entities.

The major scholarship programs available to students from other countries are:

  • Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS): Scholarships are available for students from specific countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific to study in Australia at all levels (bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D.). Submissions from Indonesia are welcome for the Hadi Soesastro Prize as well as the Allison Sudradjat Prize.
  • Destination Australia awards: More than 1,000 scholarships up to AU$15,000 per student are available each year for domestic and international students to attend universities in regional Australia and pursue studies at any level.
  • Research Training Program (RTP): Australian postgraduate scholarships are available to both domestic and foreign students who wish to pursue a research degree at an Australian university that is a participant.
  • Provider scholarship: Based on academic merit, Australian educational institutions frequently award scholarships to deserving foreign students. For more information and help, speak with the admissions staff or the international office at the institution you are applying to.

Where to get a scholarship in Australia as an international student?

Numerous government and institution-specific scholarships are available and are intended to draw top students and those who want to work in the nation after graduation.

The Australian government offers numerous scholarships to foreign students and contributes about $200 million annually to various programs at universities and other tertiary institutions across the nation.

1. VU International Excellence Scholarship

The VU International Excellence Scholarship acknowledges and rewards the accomplishments of first-year international students. At qualify for the scholarship, which is given based on academic distinction, applicants must have academic accomplishments that surpass the requirements for admission to VU.

2. Swinburne University Scholarship

Up to 75% off your tuition fees are available through a variety of scholarships from Swinburne University. Some scholarships are given out according to your previous academic grades, thus the better your academics, the more money you'll receive. Other scholarships are given out based on your capacity to fulfill the prerequisites for particular courses.

3. Australian Catholic University International Student Scholarships

Academic merit determines which overseas undergraduate and graduate students will get scholarships.

4. Charles Darwin University Scholarships

Scholarship funds are available for international students through Charles Darwin University. Undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., and training students are all eligible for this grant. Two different kinds of scholarships have complete funding. Up to 50% of the tuition is covered by four different types of scholarships that are partially sponsored.

5. Curtin University International Research Scholarships

Scholarships from abroad for students enrolled in masters or doctoral programs at Curtin University in Perth. The institution is also giving three international undergraduate and master's by coursework students $10,000 Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarships.

6. Deakin University Scholarships

International students can apply for fully financed Deakin University Scholarships. These scholarships are offered for postgraduate study and come with a $28,600 annual salary, a $500–$1,500 relocation allowance, and health insurance.

7. Melbourne Research Scholarships

International students can apply for the fully funded Melbourne Research Scholarship (MRS). There are about 600 scholarships available for doctoral and master's research programs. This scholarship provides a living allowance of $31,200 annually, full fee reimbursement, a single OSHC membership, relocation assistance, and many other incentives.

8. Western Sydney International Scholarships 

To encourage prospective overseas students to enroll in Western Sydney University's undergraduate degree coursework programs, Western Sydney International is offering $6,000 and $3,000 multi-year scholarships.

9. UTS International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship

UTS will pay each recipient's tuition for the duration of the award as long as they pursue the allowed bachelor's degree. If the recipient enrolls full-time, the scholarship is given for the normal number of sessions required to complete their undergraduate program.

10. Australia Awards Scholarships

International students may apply for Australia Awards Scholarships, which are fully financed. The entire tuition fees, a travel stipend, living expenses reimbursement, establishment reimbursement, and other benefits are all included in this grant, which is accessible for undergraduate, master's, and doctoral studies.

11. University of Sydney International Scholarships

International undergraduates at the University of Sydney may apply for a variety of Australian scholarships. Postgraduate students can also apply for scholarships.

12. Australian National University (ANU) Chancellor’s International Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship, which has 200 scholarships available and is broken down into 12 categories, is available to all approved overseas students at ANU. For the duration of their undergraduate studies, awardees are entitled to a 25% fee waiver. They may also be eligible for awards that are country-specific, and they are always evaluated first for the award with the highest possible value.

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