Top 7 job-ready courses in Australia for international students

03 November

Making the choice to study abroad must be taken carefully. Leaving your friends and family behind is stressful, but you could also worry about where you'll study and how much time you'll spend on it. Many international students pick Australia as their study abroad location because of its top universities, stunning natural surroundings, energetic cities, and diverse oceans. Numerous options exist in this diversified nation for international students.

When picking what to study or thinking about a career shift, it is equally crucial to evaluate future trends and in-demand positions. You might be interested in learning the most recent forecasts for trustworthy future occupations given the significant changes in the employment industry brought on by technological advancements.

International students should follow some steps before choosing a course:

  • Determine the category into which you fit.
  • Consider your motivation for studying.
  • Choose the profession you desire.
  • Study Location
  • List the most crucial elements you are taking into consideration.
  • Research
  • Specify your choices.
  • Evaluate your eligibility

The top 7 job-ready courses in Australia for international students are listed below:

1. Accounting

The Bachelor of Accounting degree is intended to give students knowledge and abilities in accounting reporting, analysis, and management for both business and government. The degree enables individuals to study associated subjects of interest such as finance, business information systems, management, marketing, international business, and corporate sustainability in addition to meeting the educational requirements for membership in Australian accounting professional organizations.

Of all professions, accounting jobs attract the most applications and the most qualified candidates per opening. This indicates that one year after arriving in Australia, 40% of migrant accountants work in lower-skilled occupations unrelated to accounting. For those with experience in accounting, there are many work options.

2. Professional Engineering

Engineers in a variety of sectors, including civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc., are in high demand in Australia.

It is normal for overseas students to be able to find post-graduate employment due to its high demand in order to obtain PR under the skilled migration program. As previously noted, a job can assist you in obtaining a skilled independent visa 189, a skilled regional visa 491, or a skilled nominated visa 190 for Australia.

Over the following five years, this is predicted to increase the demand for engineers by 12.9%. Statistics also demonstrate that engineering graduates have positive employment prospects. Australian engineers typically earn $110,087 per year or $56.46 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $92,336 a year, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $155,000.

3. Medical Science

According to the report, it may take between 5 and 7 years to qualify for PR after completing a medical degree such as an MD or MBBS in Australia. However, given that it is a well-paying job with constant demand, it might be worthwhile if you are interested.

You could choose to specialize in a variety of medical areas, such as:

  • General Physician
  • Local Medical Officer
  • Psychiatrist
  • Medical professionals

Highly qualified medical workers like GPs and Physiotherapists must always register in order to work in Australia. Australia needs to accept the certification.

The position itself is best suited for those with a meticulous, inquisitive mentality. People who are enthusiastic about scientific research should take this course. You can acquire technical skills for illness diagnosis, prevention, and treatment by studying laboratory science. A career in medical science has excellent future employment prospects.

4. IT and Software Engineering

In Australia, the technology sector is expanding quickly. Software developers and IT security professionals will be in great demand due to the growth of technology.

You have a selection of the following fields:

  • Cyber security expert
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Creator, Programmer
  • Program Engineer
  • Application Developers
  • Business analyst for ICT

In Australia, a bachelor's degree in IT typically takes three years of full-time study, whereas a master's in IT often takes two years. Even outside of the major IT centers, there is a huge demand for software engineers. You will be able to find employment if you have studied and prepared for it.

5. Nursing

Many caring and well-paying occupations are open to you in Australia with a nursing degree. Due to its low tuition and easy registration process, nursing is one of the most sought-after degrees in Australia's health sector. It also offers very high chances of receiving PR.

If your goal is to devote yourself to this fantastic profession, you've made a great decision. A career in nursing is very rewarding. Additionally, it provides high-income potential and a variety of work options.

You may access some of the greatest nursing programs in the world as well as fantastic job opportunities by opting to study in Australia.

The typical length of a full-time bachelor of the nursing program is three years. Before beginning to practice as a nurse, nurses must be registered. The English requirements for a registered nurse are quite onerous yet fair for a person working in the healthcare sector.

6. Cookery and Hospitality

The cookery course is intended for people who want to learn about and put their skills to use in commercial kitchens including bistros, hotels, restaurants, and catering services. The candidates gain knowledge in food handling, production, and hygiene.

Restaurants are blooming and expanding rapidly as a result of changing social trends, a fast-paced lifestyle, and an increased need for cook/chef jobs. In response, the Australian government recognized the need and expanded the number of quotas for skilled and experienced cooks.

Commercial cooking in Australia is your best option if you are genuinely interested in experimenting with the cuisine. You can search for the many cooking courses taught by chefs that Australian institutions offer. These courses not only provide a lot of work, but they also give graduates a lot of job options. Commercial cooks are trained chefs that create delectable meals and menu items using a wide range of technical abilities and in-depth knowledge.

7. Business Management

Business graduates are always in demand, especially those with proven industry experience and excellent leadership capabilities. Australian business schools prepare their students for this enduring requirement by creating a curriculum that is the ideal fusion of theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

Business education in Australia includes classroom lectures, group, and individual projects on actual business challenges, case studies, and internships at prestigious businesses. There are numerous specializations available for students to choose from. Business graduates from Australia hold senior positions in a number of multinational corporations. Jobs in business management are among the highest paid, even in Australia. It is also one of the occupations whose future employment prospects are projected to be very positive.

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