The UK COVID-19 Update for International Bangladeshi Students

28 July

The past two years were particularly hard for many. Covid 19 was a horrible reality for many people as it jeopardized millions of people’s health across the world. People went through many difficult situations due to a lack of abstract thinking.

What impact does Covid have on Bangladeshi students studying in the UK? To reduce the rapidly growing virus Covid 19, the government-imposed lockdowns, requiring people to wear masks, use hand sanitizer and maintain social distance. The virus mutated and formed a new variant. The British government has proclaimed that anyone traveling to the UK should get tested Covid negative. Within the two days of boarding a flight, the covid test must be done. To take two doses of the vaccine before traveling became a mandatory prerequisite. The figures do not show the number of Bangladeshi students studying in the UK; instead, they show that approximately 190 Bangladeshi students are studying in the UK.

Many Universities welcomed international students during the covid situation. However, an international student would go abroad to study depending on the restrictions imposed by the country’s government to which they choose to go and their own country. Every university has its separate procedures, yet most universities abroad are actively welcoming international students. During the pandemic situation in 2020, the universities conducted their classes online and provided lectures online. Some universities have decided to run the courses online, including Cambridge University in London during the year 2020-2021. However, small groups in the universities have taken physical classes.

On the other hand, the schools were closed during the outbreak period. So, as the schools remained closed, the students couldn’t give the final exams and collect their certificates. It reduced the chances for the students of getting admitted to a university. It is necessary to understand that every country has uniquely responded to this pandemic.

There are ways if an individual transits through Bangladesh

  • Those who are traveling airside are not required to present their visas.
  • Passengers who are not vaccinated and willing to ensure that they are tested negative based on PCR test results must do the test before three days of departure.
  • The passengers must recognize the airline’s requirements to reach their ultimate goals.

Guideline for the students and Covid updates

  • If an individual has completed two doses of vaccination, then the testing would be removed.
  • The passengers who have not taken any vaccinations should do the PCR test and are required to take another one day 2.
  • The passengers who are under 18 are examined as fully injected.
  • A traveler is required to fill up a locator form.

The situation during the outbreak was completely different than the normal situation. If a person has completed his two doses of vaccine, then moving to another country would not be in quarantine. Bangladesh will accept the covid-approved vaccination. Before 14 days to travel, a person’s final dose should be supervised. A person’s vaccine status would not be updated by showing the NHS card provided by the vaccination focal points. If an individual is impotent to show the proof of Covid vaccination, they must show the evidence of the negative result of the Covid 19 RT PCR test before two days of flight to Bangladesh. An individual should take a personal test; they should not take the service from the NHS to move to another country. A traveler who has Covid manifestations should take a PCR test before traveling. Those passengers who have tested Covid positive should be quarantined for at least seven days under the government’s sanction provision. The passengers should remain quarantined until tested negative by doing the PCR test. The government would bear the expenses while the passengers stay in their authorized hotels. Also, if the passengers are required to take the Covid tests, the government would pay the costs. Suppose the travelers tested Covid positive while they were staying in quarantine. In that case, their passports are handed over to the Bangladesh authority, and the authority should return the passports after the quarantine days are over.

Travelers who do not have the damaging test documents for Covid or if they have Covid indication. They will remain under the government sanction provision. Children below 12 are not required to display their Covid test result that they are tested negative; they do not need to show their RT PCR test certificate.

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